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A proven technique to increase your customer base


If you are in any service industry, this will be an excellent solution for you:

Do the following:

1. Decide what a new customer is worth for you
2. Get 500 gift cards (no magnetic stripe necessary) and have a value printed on each card based on the value of a new customer
3. Take the printed gift cards to a non-competing business that serves the same clientele that you are seeking – example: a massage therapist for a hair stylist or vice versa
4. Ask the merchant to hand your gift card to their clients as a gift from them (a gift to their customer that they do not have to pay for and one that does not compete with their services)
5. You should receive a 30% return on these cards (150 new customers)!!
6. Do this until you have the amount of customers that you can serve well – then in order to retain your customers, reward them with loyalty cards that gives them a value every single time they use your service.
7. If you have any additional questions regarding new customer acquisition, please don’t hesitate to contact us at support@365glacierpayments.com or call 866-857-8786. Additionally, you can go to www.365glacierpayments.com. Thank you.

We take pride in helping our merchants increase their revenue! Best of luck!

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