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Earn Residual Income From our Merchant Referral Program

About our referral partnerships

Our merchant referral program creates an opportunity for your business or organization to earn additional revenue every month! For every merchant you refer, you are issued a direct deposit for 20% of the monthly revenue earned on their credit and debit transactions. Details are below!

Who should I target?

Great prospects are any organizations that currently accept credit cards and would like a lower rate, or organizations who are not currently accepting credit cards and would like to.

What is my responsibility?

As a referral partner, your only responsibility is to provide the name and number of someone who would benefit from our services. After we receive the referral, we will contact companies that are currently accepting credit cards to provide a free savings analysis. If the potential client is not currently processing, we will provide a free quote and walk through any questions. That’s it!

How much do I make?

For your efforts, you’ll earn a monthly residual for every referral that signs up for our services. The residual is 20% of our profit generated from the referral’s credit and debit card transactions every month. The money is directly deposited into your bank account each month and you’ll receive a monthly report.

Why should I sign up?

With our referral program, everyone wins, which is how it should be. The person or business you refer saves money, you earn money, and we gain a new client!

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At 365 Glacier Payments, we have over two decades of industry experience utilizing leading technology to help businesses navigate the payment landscape.

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