CBD Marketing – What You Need to Know to Attract Your Target Audience

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If you are reading this article, it is probably no surprise to you that CBD sales and usage has seen exponential growth in the past few years. You may be a veteran who has had CBD products within your inventory for ages, or maybe you are a newbie looking to jump on the bandwagon and open a shop selling CBD niche products. Regardless of the stage of your business, it is imperative to implement effective CBD marketing techniques to cater to your audience. Like any other industry that is skyrocketing in popularity, competition in the CBD marketplace is growing and will continue to do so, making it especially important to get the word out on how your product meets your target consumer base’s needs. This article will cover essential CBD marketing tactics you will need to employ to keep up with an ever-changing industry.

Website Basics:

Does your website reflect who your business is today? Make sure that your website is updated to reflect what your product offerings and branding are at this point in time. As with all top-notch businesses, your marketing philosophy should reflect the direction of your consumer wants and needs. In addition, you will need to keep an eye on what messages the competition is delivering so that your website stands out among the rest. Utilizing SEO is a surefire way to position yourself in the market.

Website optimization is a necessity for your products to be found by search engines, You want potential customers to find your products through personalized, tailored messaging. Does the bulk of your buyers identify with wellness? Highlight your CBD salves or aromatherapy to make sure that a connection to your customers’ interests is apparent. Keep in mind that the buck doesn’t stop at your website’s design or messaging. Once customers have landed on your page, you will need to convert them into action.  

Capturing Leads:

Have you heard the term CTA? It is now ubiquitous within the online marketing world. CTA stands for “call to action.” In this day and age, it is a necessity to have CTAs listed in plain view on your website. A call to action may be a button that captures the consumer’s attention and leads them to purchase your product. Alternately, if the customer is not ready to buy yet, you may have a pop-up that offers an educational piece in exchange for contact information so that you can reengage with the potential customer at a later point in time. Either way, it is imperative that the consumer takes some sort of action while on your website, whether it is an immediate purchase or providing information for a future purchase.


As your company grows, you will find that it is a must to have an organization system that allows you to keep track of your current and potential customers. There is a multitude of CRM solutions that allow you to customize fields to fit your organization’s needs. Prices can range from free (usually with limited capabilities) to thousands of dollars a month.

Social Media Marketing:

There are a few different angles that can be utilized in the social media world. Because CBD regulations vary according to state, one of the most effective ways to utilize social media is through organic searches. Facebook is a great platform for CBD brands to build community followers, release the latest organizational news and to share any relevant articles that your followers may find interesting.

Instagram is the visual centric player is social media. Be sure to post pictures that capture your audience’s attention and to add differentiating captions that give your brand it’s own flavor and personality.

LinkedIn is also a great avenue for networking and exchanging ideas within the industry. You can join multiple industry groups as well as share articles and blog posts from your website. You may also want to utilize LinkedIn to target specific industry leaders, especially if a good portion of your company’s sales is done B2B.

When posting on social media, be sure to utilize platforms to educate your customers rather than to push your product. Effective tactics include sharing videos of behind-the-scenes product development, educational infographics regarding topics that are of interest to your consumers, and once again, industry news. Be sure to conduct regular audits of your social media strategy to determine what is working and what isn’t. A/B testing is an effective approach to experimenting with new forms of content. This enables you to gather data that highlights which tactics are stellar, and which are lacking.

Email Marketing:

Reaching out to potential customers through email as a key CBD marketing strategy can result in high yielding returns. Using this method reaches your potential targets directly. However, don’t be tempted to fall into the trap of buying email lists. This can land you in a world of trouble. Be sure to brush up on the legalities of who you can and can’t send emails to, as well as required opt out options, etc. The most effective way to build email lists is to trade educational material for email addresses. In doing this, your contact list is comprised of potential customers that you can provide value for. Be sure to devise an email strategy that lays out details on how you will continue to provide value to your customers. Will it be through additional educational content? Newsletters based on industry changes? Or more personalized organizational information such as new product launches? You will also need to determine how segmented you would like your target audience to be. Will you be sending a blanket email message to all of your contacts, or separate them into interest groups? Answering these questions will help guide you through the process.

The Bottom Line:

No matter what strategies you utilize to connect with your key audiences, be sure to diversify your CBD marketing into various channels. Analyze what is working, as well as what is not, to effectively engage your target market. Keep in mind that having a seasoned team will be imperative to your CBD business’ success. 365 Glacier Payments is intimately familiar with the CBD payment landscape. We have over two decades of experience in providing high-risk merchants with payment solutions that enable businesses to achieve their highest potential. If you have additional questions or are ready to explore payment solutions, please schedule an appointment here. If you prefer, you can reach us at 866.857.8766 or email info@365glacierpayments.com. We look forward to hearing from you!

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